♪ Let me introduce you to Rapport. ♪

■ First of all, our cuisine is delicious! Our pride-worthy dishes, made with fresh local ingredients from Gunma Prefecture, not only taste amazing but also offer generous portions that will satisfy you even after intense sports activities.
■ Coffee & tea are free refills during meals. During meal times, we offer self-service for coffee and tea, allowing you to have unlimited refills. This service has been well received by coffee and tea enthusiasts.
■ 24-hour medicinal stone bath. Our bath features a 24-hour circulation system that infuses the water with the medicinal properties of stones. Although our bath is small and can accommodate only 2-4 adults at a time, it provides a cozy and relaxing experience. Each group can enjoy a private bath by locking the door, ensuring a leisurely soak.
■ Wood-burning stove. Late autumn brings a melancholic and lonely season to the forests of Tambara. However, there is joy in lighting up the wood-burning stove. Igniting the firewood during dusk provides an indescribable sense of relaxation. You can peacefully gaze at the flames or even roast marshmallows over them. It's the most serene time amidst the changing seasons of Tambara.

♪ Please stay at Rapport and enjoy the four seasons of the wonderful plateau. ♪


♪ Introducing Tamahara Kogen ♪

Tamahara Kogen is a beech forest that spreads from an altitude of 1200m.

In winter, there is Tambara Ski Park with smooth powder snow.

In spring, the forest is filled with fresh greenery, where trees sprout one after another.

In the summer, enjoy 50,000 lavender plants, one of the largest in the Kanto region, in the wind of the plateau at Tambara Lavender Park.

In autumn, you can enjoy apple picking, various fruit picking, and the vivid autumn leaves of the beech forest.

Pension Rapport

We would like to introduce the dishes of RAPPORT, which have received great reviews from customers.
However, we will decide the menu for the meal here. Please note that we cannot make any changes to the meal content.
Gunma is a very delicious place for agricultural products. We aim to use the ingredients of Gunma as much as possible to create dishes that are locally produced for local consumption.
The menu to introduce is the menu for one day in August. We will serve meals that have been decided here according to each season.

スープ サラダ
 The beginning of the proud dish is the soup first. Cream soup made with delicious Gunma milk and corn  Radish salad made with local radishes. Although it is a simple salad, it goes well with any dish and is very popular.
えだまめ お漬物
  Gunma's edamame,Tengu edamame is very famous.
edamame:A Japanese dish of salted green soybeans boiled in their pods.
 The otukemono are handmade by Rapomama, who is proud of her cooking. It's lightly spicy otukemono.
otukemono:Japanese picles
ごぼう おひつでご飯
  Gobou,The Burdock.Burdock is a very fragrant vegetable.。    Although it is a course meal, rice is served with a bowl and chopsticks. It's the most delicious rice that a farmer I know makes a little bit.
サーモン チキンのパン屋風
   The fish dish of the day is "marinated salmon". The refreshing acidity of the marinade goes well with the delicious salmon.   The popular meat dish "Chicken Bakery Style" is crispy on the outside with bread crumbs and juicy on the inside.
デザート お子様のお食事
  Ice cream and homemade cakes complete the meal. Even with a full stomach, you can eat it strangely.   This is a dish for children. Various things are put on one plate little by little. It also comes with dessert.
Pension Rapport
The only public transportation to Rapport is the local bus. And it only runs on Saturdays and Sundays.
Therefore, we will pick up and drop off customers from foreign countries by car.
However, there are days when we cannot pick you up and drop you off.
Therefore, if you wish to be pick up and drop off, please be sure to contact us in advance with your desired pick up and drop off date, time, and pick up and drop off location.

Jomo-Kogen Station

We can pick you up at Numata Station on the JR Joetsu Line and Jomo-Kogen Station on the JR Joetsu Shinkansen.
It usually takes less than an hour to drive to our hotel from either station.

Numata Station


Pension Rapport

"Welcome to Pension Rapport!"

We are Rapopapa and Rapomama, the owner couple.

Rapopa: Born in 1960, from Uomachi, Iga City, Mie Prefecture, Iga is famous for its NINJA. Some of my friends are descendants of famous ninja masters. Although it is not well known, it is also the birthplace of the HAIKU poet Basho Matsuo.

Rapomama: Born in 1960, Higashi-Komagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, raised in downtown. The Sumo Kokugikan is also nearby, and Sky Tree are just around the corner.

 Rapopapa's hobbies include reading, Nordic walking, cocktails, and yoga. His reading genre is science fiction. He also holds qualifications as a forest therapist and Nordic walking instructor. Rapomama's hobbies are swimming, Kamakura carving, eating while walking, and cooking delicious food. Mouse picture book. She has a craftsmanship. Rapopapa's job is to make the rooms and beds. The rest of his work is serving dinner and breakfast and washing the dishes. PC (Macintosh) operation. Snow removal in winter. The rest is chores and hard work.
 Rapomama is in charge of all of Rapport's cuisine. First of all, we purchase. Gunma is a place where the ingredients are very delicious. Shopping at shops where you can get delicious local ingredients, thinking of local production for local consumption as much as possible.  This is Rapport's signature dish. There are two main dishes, fish and meat. The meat dish of the day is grilled pork with cheese. Serve on a hot plate so that it does not cool down even a little.
 Rapomama is in charge of all the decorations in the hall. When she finds something interesting or wonderful, she buys it from various places, but more than half of it is handmade by Rapomama. She's good with her hands. Not long ago, she even built a bookshelf!  Rapopapa and Rapomama are both couples who love to travel. In the off-season, They travel to many places. Now that their children are out of their hands, they are so excited to travel to new places!